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FamilyAssistNet Solution

Thank you for your interest in FamilyAssistNet. Before you read further, it is vitally important that you know that this product is endorsed by the New York State Retired Teachers Association, the Retired Public Employees Association, and the Civil Service Employees Association, the second largest public sector union in the country along with many other national associations. These large unions and associations realize the complexity of Long Term Care problems and FamilyAssistNet has proven to be a helpful solution at an affordable rate for many of their retirees.

“I didn't think it would happen to us…”

“Who do I call to take care of Mom…”

“Are the agencies qualified, are the charges fair…”

“Where do I start…”

These comments are typical when families initially confront a major healthcare crisis. Doctors, nurses, discharge planners and case mangers hear them daily. The ramifications are widespread. In many cases people simply don't know what to do, where to turn. In most cases, if the family had the chance to plan ahead, all of these issues would be minimized. FamilyAssistNet can help.

FamilyAssistNet is the “one phone call” solution! No matter what your homecare needs may be, the FamilyAssistNet “Assistance Desk” can step in to help. You don't have to find providers - the Assistance Desk does. The Assistance Desk checks their credentials and their references. In fact, there is already a nationwide network of pre-screened providers that have proven to be reliable with FamilyAssistNet members who have needed care. You can also receive discounts of 10% - 15% from most network providers - this can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Welcome to FamilyAssistNet™

This package of services can provide the answers that people need whether they are in the planning stage or in need of immediate assistance.

Example of Savings: The average annual cost for a nursing home now exceeds $70,000 nationally. A 10% -15% savings on the cost of a nursing home could provide a family with a savings of approximately $7,000 every year. Homecare costs can be even more expensive. The FamilyAssistNet savings could be even greater for home care services.

Here are some of FamilyAssistNet features:

  • Endorsed by major unions/associations
  • There are no limits on services used
  • There are no waiting times before you can call for services
  • There are no age or health restrictions for enrolling
  • One annual enrollment of $149 covers both you and your Spouse and this enrollment fee will never increase
In home services include:
  • Nurses
  • Nurses aides
  • Home health aides
  • Therapists
  • Homemaker services
Enrolling in FamilyAssistNet™ is Easy!
Here's how to do it:

To get started click the Buy Now button. Once you click the button you will then be sent to PayPal to a secure page to complete your process.

*Upon enrollment you will receive plastic ID cards.

*This is not an insurance product.